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Monday, December 28, 2015


Let us Riot and Steal - We Deserve your Goods !

In the last few days the people have spoken their minds. Across America people have marched with their little signs venting their wrath against the white police demanding they stand back and ignore the crime they are participating in, or observing.

Note; it is the white officers who are bearing the brunt of their disdain.

They fully support the doctrine of the most Holy Rev. Al Sharpton which in its final analyses is nothing more than "Hater of all white people."

Many of the black churches (and some white) have followed his lead and feign praying for more lawlessness.

It is time for someone to stand up for the white officers that are being crucified for doing what they are sent (by the legislator) out to do.

America (the protestors) have spoken and what they say is they want to allow law breakers to have their way.

One might ask who in the masses was decrying the hammer murder of Zemir Begic.

No that didn’t fit their insolence for the white officers.

Where was the condemnation of the law breakers by the clergy?

It is time for the white police to rethink their responsibility to those they serve and retreat anytime there is the possibility of an escalated  confrontation with a law breaker should he offer any kind of resistance.

Then only make a report thereby not offending the marchers across this land.

Al Sharpton for Attorney General? ?