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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Noah Warning the People
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Matthew 24:37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

We can get a good idea what it was like in Noah’s day by examining these pre- return Days of Christ.
Look around you and tell me what you see.  A precursory look at today’s living and you will see every rule; commandment of GOD looked upon with disdain and rejected.
The world system does not accommodate GOD’S ruler ship.
Almost daily, in this country alone there is another statute or law passed denying the Worshippers of the True God the right to fully worship Him.
Churches are being denied building permits. 
There is denial of displays that have been allowed for over a hundred years are no longer allowed.
We cringe at the misinterpretation of the constitution of the United States, and a proclamation by none other than the President that all religions are equal.
Genesis 6:5 The LORD saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.
Welcome to 2014 AD, where today men glory in their ungodliness and as it were shout it from the house tops via the movies, television and the internet and every other form of the media.
Their heathenistic doctrines are forced upon children in the educational system. 
Many have rejected GOD and the Bible in our schools and now the best answer they can come up with is handing out condoms and providing abortions when they aren’t used or they fail.
Shortly after saying My Spirit will not always strive with man the end came.
As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son Of man.
When the Spirit of GOD no longer reaches haters of GOD and they are left to their own devices, flaunting their sin before the world for all to see, their fate has been sealed.
Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.
The Ark has been built and the time of entry could end at any moment.
So what shall we say to these things? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow… if there be a tomorrow for you.
The unthinkable happened on Saturday March 22 as tons of mud came roaring down on the small community just 60 miles northeast of Seattle.
The state of Washington had been warned by geologists about the distinct possibility of landslides in this very area. Fifteen years ago this was declared a possible disaster area and yet the warnings went unheeded and ignored.

A local official, John Pennington said, “This entire year we have pushed message after message that there’s a high risk of landslides. The dangers and the risks are known.” According to Pennington it was a “high risk”.

Then why didn’t people act? Why didn’t people listen? Why did people continue to build homes in the very area that was declared a possible disaster area?

As Jesus gave earthly illustrations (parabolic) to press home spiritual points, I am acutely aware that this particular incident can serve as a warning to all of us.

Over and over Jesus gave us warnings about His return. The prophets of old gave warnings of impending judgment. And like the residents of Oso, WA those warnings were ignored, laughed at, and even thought impossible.

Ah yes, there’s the rub, we are today living in the times; “as it was in the days of Noah.”  Are you prepared to enter the “Ark” that Jesus has provided?

Friday, March 28, 2014


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Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.   "If there is one lesson that we need to learn in life it is that our stay here on earth is a probation. We commonly speak of the trials of life. We should say that our life on earth is a trial. It is a test. It is God’s way of enabling us to prove our loyalty to Him. That is what life, or we correctly say, is - a valley of tears. It is an opportunity to prove our fidelity to the God from whom we came and the condition for our eternity with the God for whom we were made."
I came across this statement while thinking about why we are here on earth.
Why weren't we just created perfect and placed in heaven?
Perhaps for one reason GOD tried that with the angels.  Also many others failed GOD when tested by following Satan in his rebellion.
This time GOD is testing his creation before they go to heaven.  The whole process is a little too complicated for my brain but during this probationary time called life we become what we are going to be when we get to heaven.
1Corinthians 15:51-52 "Let me tell you a secret. Not all of us will die, but all of us will be changed—in a moment, faster than an eye can blink, at the sound of the last trumpet. Indeed, that trumpet will sound, and then the dead will be raised never to decay, and we will be changed."
It is true we shall receive a resurrection body but you are going to be the same in spirit as you are.  What you are now is what you are going to be in heaven.  It is what will stand before the judgment seat of Christ
2 Corinthians 5:10 "We must all stand before Christ to be judged. Everyone will get what they should. They will be paid for whatever they did--good or bad--when they lived in this earthly body."
Many arguments can be made about "When I get there I will straighten up" but the scriptures seem to indicate that the time to "straighten up" is now in the present.
If there is a thread of truth in what is said here then it would behoove us to "walk with awareness and cautiously " before GOD as in; Ephesians 5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
The words spoken in Matthew chapter seven pretty well explain how judgment will be meted out at the judgment seat to Christians. It would serve each of us to reread these words often.
Matthew 7:24 Therefore whosoever hears these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
This house he addresses is YOU and ME.  Our probationary officer is the Holy Spirit,
He constantly monitors each and guides us if we allow Him to do so.
John 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.
As the song said "straighten up and fly right."

Thursday, March 27, 2014


When I was growing up many of the stories I read would always end up with; “And the moral of the story is” and then they explained what was the point they were trying to make.  
They did this to either make sure I got the point or reinforce what I understood. Whatever the case was I depended heavily upon the moral of the story.
Another thing I depended on was sayings that had a measure of wisdom within them. These sayings help mold me into to the mess I am or at least I blame it on them. Some of my favorites are;
There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog, and ready money. ~ Benjamin Franklin (I got two of those things right.)
Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. ~ Winston Churchill
There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it. ~ Oscar Wilde
All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed. ~ Sean O'Cassey
So many more, but the one that is like Paul’s throne in the flesh and that continues to goad me is; “a day late and a dollar short”.
This saying continues to point out my inadequacies each time I could have done better which is most often.
My retort to that demeaning thought hardly mitigates the distress it brings to the table, still I am able to function without perfection and meet the requirements of others with the same defect which is in most of us. The truth of the matter is; we are an imperfect people, living in an imperfect world without any remedy except one. This remedy is rejected by too many without a proper hearing.
This remedy makes us perfect in the only court that counts, in the sight of GOD. This attained perfection in GOD’S sight demands and challenges us to perfect our lives through our conduct before the world.
Matthew 5:48 Be then complete in righteousness, even as your Father in heaven is complete. 
It’s not “to be or not to be” it is to be.  Although GOD will accept us being an hour late and a few cents short, the goal must always to be on time and fully paid up.
One last thing to remember; when the wine goes in, strange things come out! 

Friday, March 21, 2014


Philip M. In England thinks Robert Locke is going to win his bet with him that human-animal marriage will be legal in at least one state of the Union by 2020.

Indeed, Phillip foresees a similar future in England, where they really know how to do these things right.
CHURCH OF ENGLAND LITURGY FOR THE UNION OF MAN AND BEAST IN THE HOLY STATE OF MATRIMONY, AS AGREED AT LAMBETH CONFERENCE 2019 A.D.  THIS LITURGICAL TEXT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE MOST HOLY GRAND AYATOLLA OF CANTERBURY AS FULLY SHARIA-COMPLIANT - - Vicar:  Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of Cod to join together this man and this beast in a state of Holy Mackerel.  Congregants: Thanks be to God.
In some countries this is a legal practice now and is considered a cross species act.
They argue this way; Of course it “sounds absurd” to suggest marriage between a human and an animal. And I don't believe it was the intent of this thread to make it sound less absurd. The point is that if we recognize one form of sexual deviance, how can we rightly exclude another? I myself don't suggest that we should wed animals, but I think the author has a position.  At what point do we say that one has deviated too far from social norms so that we may not acknowledge him that right?
It's not an argument for or against homosexuals, homosexuality, or homosexual marriage. The point is that we need to consider the floodgate effect that such a monumental change could incur. It all comes down to where do we draw the line? Currently as it stands, we do not recognize under law deviant forms of marriage.
If you are proponent of homosexual marriage, yet you are willing to castigate deviant forms of marriage such as polygamy and polyandry then you, my friend, are no more "open minded" than Christians who do likewise to homosexual marriage. In fact, if you are a proponent of one and not the other, one might even find the word "hypocrite" more applicable.
After reading the above I conclude that the writer is intelligent and thoughtful but without convictions concerning human behavior in the sight of GOD.
While these extremes are easy to reject and to be offended by, they are no less wrong than some of the practices Christians accept today.
People today have live in relationships “With benefits” and justify it by some proposed future act such as, “We're planning on getting married later.”  Not only is it an acceptable practice by the participants but also acceptable by their acquaintances.  
The Holy State of Marriage is a contract agreed upon between a man and a woman before witnesses and including GOD as a member of the action. Anything less than that is a farce whether perverted politicians say it’s legal or not.  It is not a legal question, it is whether GOD is a party to it or not.
The Holy State of Marriage cannot be altered or changed by man. He can only settle for something else and call it marriage.
The moral; all deviant marriage is not acceptable and should be avoided at all costs.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


This age I’m living in forces me to look down too much of the time.

Much of my life is ruled by the evil in politics and by the Nation of Hollywood.

The Nation of Hollywood tells me how I should live, how I should think, and what I should accept for they have taken it upon themselves to be the authority on how life should be lived.

That which should be called” Bum Raps” are little more than lyrics straight from Hades and fools utter them not knowing what they do.

Louie Armstrong sang these words;

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you.
I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

It is only with great effort I can raise my eyes above the Wickedness here below and see what God meant for me to delight in. 

I start with the words of the song; “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”

Monday, March 17, 2014

Freaky Frankie

This fictional story is NOT sexually explicit although some might perceive it to be so! 
Frankie, A blind boy who can see!
Frankie Did NOT need his Blind Eyes to See
The best way to protect the characters you write about is to say the names have been changed or at least that is what some think.  Others will try to disguise the identity by changing the actual events and the time frame they occurred in.
The story that follows… let’s just say it is pure fiction so if there seems to be similarities to a real life happening you are aware of, rest assured it isn’t the same event.
Hank or Henry as was his real name was the first born into a well-to-do family.  The father wasn’t a man who could be friendly with people but he had some feelings for the child.  Their baby pictures were so similar that it overcame the coldness of the father’s nature.
Relations between the father and mother were in the, “Not very often category” for the father had no desire to sire another child.
Shall we say that the mother had normal desires that could be stimulated by reading a love story or by hearing some gossip about some one who may have stepped over the line.  
Her sewing circles meetings met a certain need for companionship and as far as we know none of the immediate circle felt the need to seek the company of any outside of the marriage regardless of its perceived shortcomings.  In fact the stories exchanged there reinforced the marriage ties and faithfulness.  

The father was attending a meeting with his old cronies when one of the hosts brought out a STEREOSCOPE with pictures of very young women. 

It was an evening when most all of the men drank too much and upon the father’s arrival home he engaged in an intimate act with his wife.  A few months later she announced she was with child again.
This enraged the father who at first accused her of being unfaithful.  When his rage subsided she reminded him of the night of intimacy which he could scarcely remember due to his drunkenness.  He blamed her for the whole thing and she should have refused him and on it went.
He left and didn’t come home for a week and when he did he made the proclamation; “I will never have anything to do with the child for I hate it.”
It came time for the child to be delivered but there was some difficulty and the midwife sent for the doctor.  He said we must get her to the hospital immediately.  After three days the child was finally born with the help of the doctor’s instruments.
The mother was a strong woman but was greatly weaken by the ordeal and it took three months before she could regain her strength.  Henry or Hank as most called him was a strong lad and stayed nearby his mom and did what he could do to help her.
Once the mother, Laney got on her feet her sister Jan who also helped her went back to her home with her mother and father.  The new born Frankie as his mother called him seemed different from Henry some how.
Laney couldn’t put her finger on it but the way he acted didn’t appear normal.  She took him to the doctor and he said, “I don’t know if something is wrong or not.”  

He went on to explain he didn’t have the testing equipment necessary to test Frankie and he would have to go to the clinic in the big city.  He went on to explain the costs to Laney and when the father found out it would be a thousand dollars he went wild.
When he settled down he said it takes me six months to earn that kind of money.  On this point he was exaggerating but it still was a lot of money for the finding out with the treatment to follow.  He looked at the child and said “Freaky Frankie” is on his own for I want nothing to do with him.
At six months much of what Frankie did could have been considered normal but yet Laney knew he acted different from Henry.  At nine months she realized that while he was nursing he would take his hand and feel her breast and sometimes stop suckling and just feel the nipple.  She knew it was normal for babies to do some of that but this was different.
At one year he was walking though not steady and she would try to get him to say simple words that Henry had said at this age.  The best Frankie could do was to make a guttural sound.  When Laney was doing the necessary chores like ironing he would pull himself up and run his hands over her legs as far as he could reach above the knee.
She would shake him off but then he would feel her toes when she was barefooted. When she would be sitting resting he would do the same kind of thing only he could reach farther.
The father had been observing the way Frankie was acting and after several months he said, “Henry and I are moving.  I’m getting away from “Freaky Frankie.”
He didn’t say where he was going but all she knew was they were gone.  For a while he sent a little money but then it stopped.
Things were getting desperate and her sister Jan and one of her friends Lacy moved in with her and they set up a dress making shop.  
Joe the father filed for divorce and when it was final he married a woman he had taken up with.  Her feelings matched Joe’s in many ways one being she didn’t care for children.  She wanted none of her own and wanted nothing to do with other people’s kids.  In order to keep harmony in the home she tolerated Henry for he would graduate in five years.
Henry or Hank as he preferred to be called left home as soon as he finished high school and he being very talented got a job in a mill.  In two years he had become a master mechanic.  He married a girl who he had attended school with and proceeded to have two children.
On occasion he would visit his mom and bring the family but his father’s wife made it known she didn’t want them visiting her home.  Joe’s father would visit once or twice a year but the new wife always declined the invitation.
When Frankie was three years old he couldn’t talk and bumped into things for he was still unsteady on his feet.  The habit he picked up as a baby had grown worse for he would feel of the ladies who came to the shop when ever he got a chance.  The three ladies had finally had got used to him so they paid no attention to him.  
He loved to crawl up into their lap and feel their face, shoulders, and ribs till he made them laugh. If he caught one of them in bed in the morning he would go up and down their whole body.  There seem to be a design to what he was doing like an explorer would map an area of land.  
Laney had to watch Frankie when she took him out for he would try to do what he always did when he got the chance.  He would cause people to stare at him when he made the strange sounds when he tried to say something.  He loved young girls for they were nigh unto his size and if he got the chance he would feel their chest.  He always looked confused when there was nothing protruding out on them.  
Laney bought Frankie some drawing paper and pencils thinking he might occupy himself by scribbling on the paper.  To her surprise he would run his hands over her legs and draw something that slightly resembled a leg.  He did the same thing after fingering her face.
After some time she and the two women who worked with her realized he had a talent for drawing but he couldn’t see clearly enough for the image to form so he used his hands and they began to be his eyes. The women were excited about his new found talent and encouraged him to draw different parts of the female figure.
A mother had brought her nine year old daughter to the shop for a special dress. They had her remove he clothes down to her underwear so she could be measured for size. While they spent an hour selecting the materials for the dress Frankie came in with his pad.
When Frankie began touching the girl at first she was frightened and yet curious at the same time for he wasn’t hurting her. Frankie felt her ankles and feet and quickly made a sketch of them. He moved up past the knees feeling them as he went and the added that part of the sketch.  Then he felt his way to her neck and then her head and hair stopping to draw as he went.
He made one last feel of her face and added some detail to his sketch.  He then gave it to the somewhat bewildered young girl and left the room as the mother came back.  Jan said just a few more measurements and we will be done.  
The girl picked up the sketch and the mother wanted to know where she got the drawing as the shop women began to worry. They knew it had to be Frankie although they never saw him in there.
They were hoping the mother would forget about the drawing for she was ordering several dresses for different events they were going to.  Frankie had added a designed dress to the sketch and the mother said she would like to have a dress like the one in the drawing.  Laney quickly said they could do it with the lace and all.
As they often were, they were confused by the work that they knew had been done by Frankie but when they asked him about it but he didn’t remember doing it.  She left the sketch so the dress could be made just like it and said I want it as soon as you are finished with it.  Communicating wasn’t getting any easier with Frankie he could scarcely hear or see and couldn’t talk at all.
They kept him away from the customers as much as possible but when all three women had to work he would slip in the fitting room and would touch the customers.  This offended some of the women but strange as it seems some asked for him to make sketches for them while they waited.
Of course this entailed him touching them in order to know what to draw.
Eventually the word got out that they could have a sketch drawn while they were fitted for a new frock.  As the years went by Frankie did sketches for anyone who asked for them and the business prospered mostly because of them.
One day Jan, Laney’s sister and partner was shopping for groceries and she over heard three women talking about this young man down at the dress shop who had magic fingers.  He was handicapped due to being almost deaf and blind but he had a way of touching you one said that almost makes her melt.
As they compared mental notes they all finally agreed that they had a closet full of clothes they had bought just because of the technique he used to create his sketches.  A couple more women joined them and wanted to know what they were talking about.
Jan took her groceries and got out of there before the ladies could recognized her. When she got back to the shop she had a lot to talk about.
They all agreed that there would be no more drawing done by Frankie that is until business dropped of to almost nothing.
One woman said it best when she said the only reason I come here is to be touched if you know what I mean.  They all said in unison “We know what you mean.”
The woman went on and said since you are women you know we all like to be touched and most men don’t have a clue what we mean by that.  Much of what they think is love making is no more than rough housing.
This young man without ever acting unseemly is able to meet a need most men don’t know exists.  I’ll buy a dress a week if he “Sketches” me during the process.

The women while sitting around the kitchen table agreed the woman was right.  None of them ever thought about wanting a man for just being touched by Frankie relieved the animal desires without anything sexual being done.
They agreed it was almost too embarrassing to talk about but it was true.
There was within this young boy, sensitivities few if any men have, and he could hardly see or hear.  They talked way into the night without coming to any conclusion as what to do.
On the one hand it seemed immoral but on the other hand it provided a service. Something happened the next day that changed the whole thing.
A lady had been in once before after being recommended by a friend and said she wished to talk to all three of them.  She asked, how old Frankie was and Laney said he just turned twelve.  “And he’s always been like this?” she asked?  
Laney said, “Yes he has.”

She asked, ‘Have you ever had him examined to see if he could be helped?”
Laney related the story about the doctor’s recommendation to take Frankie to the clinic but the cost was more than they could afford and since the father left it was not an option for them.”
The lady, Marilyn, said, “My husband David is the top specialist at the clinic and I will talk to him about Frankie.”
That night she went through the routine she goes through when she wants something and he recognized he was being played so he said; “Why don’t we cut to the chase and save a lot of trouble.”
She said, “You mean I don’t have to go into my pouting stage?”
He said, ‘No, I have some work to do so out with it.”
She left out everything about… (well you know) and just told him about the defects the boy suffered with.  
He said, “You mean, he can draw sketches but can’t see or hear?”
She answered, “Yes and does an outstanding job.”
He said, “There is something you aren’t telling me, but bring him in and I’ll take a look at him.”
The next day the arrangements were made and after the doctor’s day was finished he said for his nurse to bring the boy in.  Laney said she would have to stay with him at least until he got to know the people he was to be around.
The doctor’s wife went in to the examination room with them and told her husband; “This is Frankie, the young man I told you about.”
Frankie drew back as the Doctor started to check his heart and other vitals.
Laney said, “Let him feel your face and hands and whatever until he relaxes.”
The doctor being very understanding said sure and for the next ten minutes Frankie touched the doctor and relaxed as he did.
Dr. David said, Okay let’s check the ears first and all he said was hmmm and unhuh.
His wife finally said, “What’s that mean?”
He said, “Now dear, let me do it my way if you don’t mind.  Now let’s look at the eyes.”
Frankie reacted a little when a bright light was shined into his eyes but didn’t resist the doctor.  After the doctor finished he said, “I will need to confirm my diagnoses with more sophisticated instruments, but I feel sure he can be helped with an operation.  In simple terms there is a film in the eyes that needs to be removed and he will probably need to wear glasses.  The ears have a problem I believe one of our specialists can fix.”

Marilyn said, “David how soon can this be done?”
He gave her a look meaning; “I’ll talk to you about this when we get home,” but said; “I’ll talk to the other doctors and then we’ll see what we can do.”
As they left Marilyn said to Laney; “Don’t worry it will get done.  I’ve got that patronizing look from him before but I will straighten him out when he get’s home.”
By the time Dr. David arrived home he thought it over and decided it would be better for him to take care of this and not ignore Marilyn’s wishes in this matter.
He told his wife; “I talked it over with everyone and they are willing to proceed with the operations as soon as all the needed tests are done.”
She said, “Thank you my wonderful husband, I have a surprise for you.”
Three weeks later the tests were complete and the operation was scheduled. By this time Frankie had become acquainted with all the people that were to be involved including the nurses who would be treating him post opp.
The eyes were to be done first and a week later the hearing problem.  The reason for the space between was to give Frankie time to being able to see and to get to know faces he had never seen before.
It was necessary to tie his hands to the side of the bed to keep him from damaging the work they had done by scratching the itching that was naturally going to follow.
On the fourth day was the unveiling and the first one he saw was Laney.  He still needed to be fitted with glasses but he could see her very well.  He looked, and stared for some time and finally shut his eyes and felt her face.
When he opened his eyes again he had a big smile on his face and hugged her.  He tried to speak but only unintelligible sounds came out.
He did the same to everyone he saw the first time but after that he knew who they were.  At the end of the week the second operation was done and he wore ear muffs to limit the amount of sound he could hear.
After another week they were removed and he heard his first words.  How often Laney had said “I love you” to him but he never heard it until now.
Before they released him they set up an appointment with a speech therapist to work with him and he could almost say mama and a few more simple words a baby might be able to say.  She told Laney how to teach him to talk and had a session with him twice a week.  
Six months later he was talking pretty good but still had a ways to go.  He also had to learn to read and write. This was going to take some time.
He continued to make sketches of women who came into the shop.  His ability to draw had improved greatly but he found himself having to return to the old touch and feel in order to get the soul of the person down on paper.
Dr. David asked Marilyn if she had been to see Frankie recently and she said yes very recently.
He said, “How is Don Juan?
She smiled and said, “Being honest I must say his touch has improved and is more thorough and able to communicate with his hands more sensually since you helped him.”
“That,” she said, “And the fact he is now able to say what he feels when he touches you.”
He said, “How much does he charge you for a treatment… treatment is the right word isn’t it?”
She laughed and said; “For me, it’s free for life thanks to you.”
He said, “It’s all in your mind; it has to be for I can do the same thing and you don’t have the same reaction.”
She said, “No, no, no, no one can do the same thing, only him.”
He said, “Well, I hope you enjoy it then, good night.”
She said, “Ha-ha-ha good night.”
Frankie was growing up and had basically caught up with his age group in school and was at the point of his high school degree.  In many areas he was far ahead of his class mates.  
He understood the emotions and the failing of many who never get their needs met. His success in life from a small lad was because of his grasp of persons needs.  In his case it was the female gender.  He was able to sense at first without verbalization, because he couldn’t see or hear, and was totally dependent upon the touch.
But now their sounds and body language together gave him added input.
Now he was at a crossroads as what his future would be.  College didn’t interest him. The study of art and painting wasn’t something he wanted to pursue.
He was expert in the only field he wanted to continue in which was pencil sketches. He could make a good income doing only that, but he felt there was more that he needed to learn.
He was chosen to be one of the speakers at graduation and was to be the last one on the schedule.  Since he kept to himself most of the time no one knew him very well.  In fact no one knew him hardly at all.
When it became his time to speak the crowd were getting restless for the speakers before him weren’t very interesting and too long winded.  He started right in without notes or a written speech and said he wished to address the two most important factors of life.  “The two most driving forces of life,” he said, “Are lust and love.  It is only when the two forces are in balance can we succeed in life.  Lust drives us to attain while love is giving.”
He went on for seven minutes defining these two forces and their interactions and then stopped.  He slipped from the stage and there was no applause, scarcely a sound until the school principal stood and started giving out the diplomas.
His mother and her Dress Shop partners were proud of their boy.  The father had been invited but didn’t sit with the other parents.  He was as it were hid outside of the seating but heard Frankie’s short speech and wept from the embarrassment of how he had treated his child.
No one saw Frankie after that for he stayed hidden away for a year at his home.  He designed dresses for the “Three Ladies” as they now called themselves; then he left for good.
Many rumors went around concerning him with many women claiming to have had sexual affairs with him.  While many were drawn to listen to them no one believed them and eventually they all admitted they lied.
After a couple of years people went on with their lives and the stories about Frankie stopped.
I am the only who knows what really happen to him and I am pledged to secrecy. What I will do is repeat a rumor and seems to be the most likely to be true.
It seems an elderly lady hired a man named Franklin M. to be her driver when she traveled.  It is said that he would sketch street scenes while waiting for his employer.  
Sometimes he would wait all day while she partied at her club. Some would add at this point he would relax her after one of these events and that was the main reason for keeping him on.  There were many versions of this story all just a little different but there were a couple of common threads in all of them.
One of the main stories was about a young woman who also worked for the rich lady and Franklin M. became enamored with her and they were wed.

They had two boys from their union and the word is they have taken after their father in most every way.
One final thing; after Franklin M. married he started adding one color to each of his sketches it seemed the color he used was a reflection of his mood as he drew on the paper.
Some have said they have on occasion spotted the family visiting three women who were supposed to have owned a dress shop at one time.
 * * * * *
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