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Saturday, March 1, 2014


I enjoy a good story, joke, or a funny event of some kind.  I look forward to happy times and seeing things that are new like cars, and inventions.
I try to avoid things there are depressive and bring me down.  There is one thought that I do not enjoy and that is coming full circle.
This thought consists of ending up like I started.
As you did, I started out as a baby, being unable to do anything for myself. I had to be fed, washed, diapered, and cared for completely. 
So many end up in the same condition, as their days wind down.  The care homes have become a major industry in this country. 
In days of yore families were required to take care of their own regardless of their condition.  Today if you can afford it the care homes take the responsibility for the old folks.
A prayer that I and many others that join me is, that the upper taker will come before we get to that condition that so many reach. 
I hope to have a full life but my desire is to come a little short of the full circle. 
My visits to the care homes have caused me to be willing to forego the very last part of the arc of the circle.

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