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Sunday, September 28, 2014


UN- HAPPY Couple
Strange as it seems you can go through life and never be sure if you are really happy for there is no measuring stick for happiness.

We can limit our happiness by measuring it by degrees. For one thing there are too many elements for being happy.  Everything that has or will touch you in some way becomes part of the equation. There are too many things to mention but to name a few, your education.  I could have done better, should have got more but it wasn't important at the time, and now I am suffering for it.  

We can see failure everywhere if we just look for it and are ruled by our past.  Your looks, even if you are pretty, you are not sure if everyone thinks you are, so you spend your time and money trying to correct your perceived flaws.  I knew a minister who jokingly said; I think an apprentice angel must have worked on my nose because it isn't exactly what I wanted.  

Cosmetic surgery has been the rage for the last sixty years. Bigger this and less of that will surly make me feel good about myself. Sometimes husbands want their wives to undergo the knife so he can be proud of her.  

As a boy I receive great deal of education from the national geographic magazine. We were too poor to subscribe for them but they were at the library.  I was astounded at some of the things I saw.

There were articles where people native to Africa did hideous things to be accepted within their tribes. They would actually stick bones in their body.  Cut their flesh to make scars and make permanent markings in their skin.  

Of course one shouldn't blame them for they were illiterate, primitive people seeking for self esteem. 

This has been a heathen practice from the beginning and will be till the end.  

It is interesting that there are tattooers for Jesus suckering Christians into paying them money to disfigure them. 

Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.  

The tattoo people try to defend their practice by saying well GOD didn't like it under the law but He changed HIS mind after Christ came, and some simple minded fools will unwisely buy that explanation.   

If you are not happy without a piercing or tattoo you are not going to be happy after getting them. If you want marks on your body do it the old fashion way like Paul did and suffer many beatings for preaching the gospel.  

Galatians 6:17 From now on let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.

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Monday, September 22, 2014



Years ago before the nation was criss crossed with super highways I traveled on two lane, sometime poorly maintained highways.  

From time to time, especially when approaching a desert type of territory we would see a sign that said “Last chance for gas.” 
You couldn't help looking at your gas gauge and even if you had more than a half tank full, your comfort zone would require you to stop and fill up.

Several times down the road I would come to another sign that would say “Last chance for gas.”  
This caused me to think those first guys weren't telling the truth.  

Over the years there have been many new religions pop up that met the requirements to be a recognizable faith. 
The requirements are, you must have a BOOK, and it must be witty and convincing.  It must meet the demands of self sacrifice, for man wants to earn his salvation. 
The prophet, well you must have a prophet.   

Some have appeared out on the desert and got a revelation (you have to have a revelation). 
And the miracles, he must perform miracles even if they are selling a bowl of soup for a quarter, that may not be a miracle but it is close enough.  

The end result is you have a new religion and if the prophet can look holy he may convince some to join him.  

The difference between these thought up religions and Christianity is that they lack an important ingredient and that is reality.  

Their god isn't real, just a creation of their mind. They have substituted rhetoric for reality, and the best they can expect from that is something to occupy time.  

The most impressive scripture in the bible is GOD’S declaration “I AM THAT I AM” encapsulated in those words is the declaration that he is, “The  ALMIGHTY” and there is no other. Genesis 1:1 in the beginning GOD Created the heaven and earth. Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”  

Today we are all on a journey and there are road signs every mile saying ours is the way turn aside here, “Last chance.”  The only problem is they are all dead ends.  

The ALMIGHTY has declared that HE is not only the last chance, but the ONLY chance for redemption.  

For those who are redeemed the sign “Last chance” is just a reminder that their tank is full of redemption, but for those who are going to wait and just travel a little further, and look for another warning, time may run out for them. 

2 Corinthians 6:2 behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation.

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Monday, September 15, 2014


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God's Word is Alive !!

What makes the Bible different from other books is the very nature of the words themselves.  

While the printed page can inform, enlighten, and inspire the reader, the Bible goes one important step further and that is; it is a revelation of the mind and purpose of GOD. It unfolds the reason and need for salvation. It explains the relationship of GOD, man and other spiritual beings.  

Some read the scriptures like a news paper and are not moved to repentance while others view it as the very word of GOD.
A minister I knew related a story that another pastor had introduced him to a man that had memorized the entire Bible. The minister said; that is amazing whereupon the pastor said; that isn't the most incredible part, the most amazing part is, he isn't a Christian.
W.G. Scroggie said; “There is no easy way to knowledge and he who would know the scriptures must bring to them not only a hungry heart but also an attentive mind.”  

The attentive mind will be enlightened by the scriptures and the hungry heart will receive the truth of them and they will transform the seeker from a sinful condition to one who is redeemed.  

Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Apostle Paul).  

If the Christian is not careful the Bible will become abstract excluding the merits of the truth therein.  

I discovered a new revelation of how read the scriptures. This involves recognizing that the writers themselves are; human beings with the same frailty as I have; 

James 6:17 Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are.  

James included both himself and his readers in this condition. They fought the same battles of relationships, raising families, earning a living and the daily struggles. They had to rise above all these things and allow the Spiritual anointing and inspiration to direct their mind to put words on paper while moved upon by the Holy Spirit.
They wrote what GOD wanted their readers to know.  

Further I keep in mind that the writers are brothers in the LORD and when I read their letter to me it is like they themselves are instructing me in the ways of righteousness and they must not be taken lightly.  

Paul wrote that GOD had placed the responsibility of all the churches upon him and his words to the churches of correction were a constant burden.  

They were like his children, needing to be encouraging and correcting, and like most parents, discipline was never enjoyable but necessary. Behind his words was a heart that ached for the successful conduct of all the churches.  

I keep in mind as I read the battles they were experiencing, their lives being in danger at all times from the Roman rulers. Many walked, talked, and lived with Jesus at a human level while learning spiritual truths they could only understand later.  

As the writers communicate their hearts burden to me, their words, and GOD’S word take on deeper meanings, and as I read, it becomes to me a new revelation.      

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Reading God's Word and Listening to what HE says !


Monday, September 8, 2014

I Want to Be an Engineer

Shingle Roof
Courtesy free clip art
Early one morning, I was called out to give an estimate for doing a roofing job on a quite large house.   It wasn't what you would call a mansion but it was an enormous fine home. The person who requested the estimate was an attorney who looked out for the families needs.


The roof had to be measured from the ground for it was very steep, too steep to walk on. After estimating the square footage and making allowances for the hips and valleys and the extras, due to the removal of the old roof and having to work around several dormer windows, I arrived at a figure.

I was to meet the attorney and wasn't sure if he had already arrived so I rang the door bell and a strange little man open the door. He acted peculiar and talked as if he was in charge, but this wasn't the scenario I was expecting.

About this time there was a shouting noise coming from upstairs. I couldn't make out what he was saying but it was getting louder with each breath.

This strange little man finally said, “My name is Charles and that is dad yelling for another bottle of booze for he must have emptied his last one.”

After standing in this odd situation for a while with the shouting going on and Charles talking about some nonsense I was preparing to leave when the attorney arrived.  

We stepped outside to get away from the disturbance coming from the upstairs, and the lawyer explained the situation to me.

He had been appointed to manage the estate of the man upstairs who had been a banker.  When the banker realized he could no longer manage his estate and since there was no one else competent to do so, he hired the law firm to manage it for him.

This man had been one of the most important bankers in San Francisco for many years and was now suffering from several debilitating diseases one of which was alcoholism.  

He had a full time nurse/caretaker who actually ran the household.  She was an odd woman who was always quietly moving about.

Charles, the banker's son, who was in his forties and had actually never held a job or did a days real work in his entire life.  Charles wasn't what you might call "all there," but lacked any ambition. 

His mother kept Charles at home with her and the father was too busy with his responsibilities to be bothered with him. Charles wasn't one of his proud accomplishments, and he was afraid Charles would get control of the family fortune and that would be disastrous.

After some negotiations the attorney signed the roofing contract, and I set a day to begin the work.  We were early the day we started and after we had been working for awhile Charles came out, and wanted to talk about things unrelated to our purpose of being there. 

I soon realized I would have to converse with him from time to time in order to keep him satisfied.

During some of our conversations I found out a little more about him, how his mother who was now gone had babied him while she was still alive but now with his mother dead and his father disabled, and requiring full time care Charles was entering a new phase of his life.

He viewed life from a different prospective than most people, and it was obvious he wasn't prepared to be on his own.

During the second world war, he said he went down to volunteer and got as far as to tell them what he was qualified to do, and he said he wanted to be a building engineer in the service. 

When they asked why he was qualified to do Engineering work he answered; "Well I have worked in the garden at home and cut the grass." 

After a few more questions and answers he was sent home where he continued to cut the grass.

I had several such conversations with him and wondered how it was most people I knew had to get by with so little, and work so hard and someone else who did nothing lived so well.

It doesn't seem fair but that is the way it is.  Upon further reflection I concluded that in no case would I trade places with him.

It took a full week to finish this job for it was very difficult to do, having to work off of scaffolding. The whole job was stressful and I was glad when it was done with no accidents.

When I bid Charles goodbye he seemed happy and considered himself to be the one in charge.

The last thing I heard as I left was the old banker shouting for another bottle!

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Today's story is a true story.


Saturday, September 6, 2014



Corinthians 4:2 Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

While both are required there is a difference between faith and faithfulness.

As I have observed there are Christians who are believers and yet are not faithful to the trust given unto them.

We as lights on a hill are seen as examples of what Christ has done and preached. The image we project is what Christ is judged by in the world. I cannot challenge the salvation of one who says they have believed unto salvation yet they do discredit to the cause of Christ and the harm is done to unbelievers.

2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

A pretty good question to ask ourselves is; “How serious do I take this warning”? I say warning because it tells us of the inevitable outcome of the life we live.

Romans 8:5 Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.

Minds set on what the flesh desires; “Their whole mental and moral activity is set upon nothing else but the gratification of these cravings of sense”. (Ellicott)

Galatians 5:19-20  Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,…(and are not subject to the demands of God)…to name a few.

The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace; “The mind occupied with the things that emanate from the indwelling Holy Spirit”.

Perhaps, maybe, could it be that too many Christians are fifty-fifty on these issues and still have a way to go in correcting their lifestyle for this is what people see. Trying to hide our short comings can only partially hide our failures for sooner or later “stuff comes out”.

The scriptures admonish us to pray for one another’s shortcomings and along with that correct each other using the Bible as our guide while taking heed unto ourselves.

What does the image of Christ look like to the world that I am projecting? Is it faith only or does my faithfulness to his words come shining through.

Faith will get you into the Kingdom, but faithfulness makes you profitable.