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Monday, July 6, 2015


Nothing ??
“Nothing:” A word that is impossible for even the most intellectual among us to comprehend. The dictionaries define it as relating to something.

No thing; not anything; naught: something that is nonexistent. In no respect or degree; not at all: Something that has no existence.

Our minds cannot think of nothing without relating it to something therefore we end up with the necessity of there being something.

Those who eliminate GOD from the issue of creation have to start with something and fail to explain from whence the something originated from.

This is an issue atheists must deal with in order to feign intelligence honesty or just ignore the whole subject.

On the other hand the Christian is satisfied with the knowledge that the ETERNAL GOD IS THE CREATOR

GOD is and was without a beginning or ending. The characterization of GOD being eternal is easily understood by looking at something without beginning or end such as a circle.

The true circle has no beginning or end. 

Much of our civilization, both past and present are betting their eternity on something that came out of nothing without a Creator GOD.

The Holy Scriptures advise against this and foretell a divine judgment upon those who pursue this path.

The strong words; Galatians 6:7 Don't be misled--you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

Those who deceive themselves will face an angry GOD and pay a high price for their willful disobedience. 

Creation out of nothingness, or by our ETERNAL GOD.
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  1. What a great take on 'Nothing' - that is truly something! Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  2. Yes, how can people bet eternity on NOTHING?? very True! I often wonder how people cannot accept the truth about God and creation? They are nothing without him...