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Monday, July 28, 2014

A HARD DAYS DAY a true story

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If you can picture a family that they themselves wouldn't call poor (they had some pride) but the word "poorly" might fit the bill.

Then you would be envisioning the folks I am mentioning; five girls in the mix, three in their teens, and two under ten. These girls were far out in the country with no money except what very little they could talk their father out of and he didn't have much to start with.  

I suppose if they had been more industrious they could have come up with a way of making some money like sewing quilts or raising chickens to sell eggs but they didn't.

About the only instance they could earn any money was when cotton picking time came. This was something anyone could do even little kids like me who was around five years old.

As it always happens when it is time to pick cotton it is also the hottest time of the year, and if the humidity gets up very high it is almost like trying to breathe water.

You show up a little after daylight, and get your sack that you are going to drag throughout the day. It will get heavier and heavier until it gets full enough to weigh. You didn't want to turn in a half sack due to the extra time it takes for the weighing and book keeping.

So the drudgery went on, picking for a penny a pound. Since the ground was poor and didn't produce a good crop - - the picking was that much harder to get your hundred pounds you hoped for.

Soon the sun begins to bear down and the dust and sweat gets into every crevice where your clothing touched the skin and the chafing causes the skin to be irritated producing pain. The only hope for relief is when the skin numbs out to where the pain is tolerable.

It is a long way by foot to the river and after a hard days work you settle for just washing up with a wash rag.

After some food, what is on your mind is the next days work and another dollar you will have to spend for dresses and shoes.

In society, there is a line drawn where the women above that line wore things like slips and underwear but our cotton pickers lived below that line and didn't often have money for those luxuries.

On this particular day it was as described as above and one of the girls doubled with pain. This excruciating pain was centered down on the right side and nothing would help ease it. It was several miles to the hospital and walking was out of the question.

There were one or two cars in the local area that ran part of the time and after three hours they were able to get some transportation. The ride itself was almost too much to bear for the dirt roads were filled with potholes and when ran over it would send a shot of pain throughout the whole body.

An hour later the search for a doctor began for he wasn't in his office and another hour was lost while the pain continued.  When the doctor examined the girl it was get her to the hospital now, both he and she raced to the operating room and he cut the burst appendix out. Though it was touch and go she recovered with a nasty scar as a reminder of the misfortunate happening.

What does a poor country farm family do when you have an unexpected bill for an operation and doctor bill presented to you?

You sell one of your milk cows and it will take a year to recover from this, but it is something you are forced to do because you pay your bills and you just do it.

As you think about the why of this situation and conclude "It was just a hard day’s day."

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Monday, July 21, 2014


Jesus was our Example

Baptizing someone by some standards is a rite whereby the one baptized is cleansed, made fit and becomes a part of a Christian group.

Baptism identifies one with Christ as sanctified and holy. Being buried with Him in baptism associates a believer with Christ.  It is a testimony to the world.
As a further extension of this rite there have been rituals of blessing animals, fishing fleets and in some cases, houses which in my view may be pushing the envelope too far.
In any case it is an act where something or somebody is considered to be consecrated to GOD for service.  There has been an attempt to associate a myriad of things with the Christian faith and be made part of it. Things that they wish to fall under the Christian umbrella they “Baptize” them in Jesus name in an attempt to give them some spiritual credence.
Some of the lesser items are $25.00 “Jesus Saves” tee shirts and $5.00 “Virgin Mary and baby Jesus decals.” 
Or perhaps you need a pair of shoelaces imprinted with the slogans "Jesus makes me happy" or "Jesus loves you." Bumpers stickers are great especially when you cut somebody off in traffic and your bumper sticker says “Christians aren’t perfect only forgiven,” that will win many to Christ.
One of the more blatant attempts is to try to baptize Greed and call it GOD’S prosperity and at the same time the extollers of this heresy are being enriched by preaching their message, one by the way Paul never discovered even though they quote him often.
The attempt to baptize slave music (?) and use it to extol the virtues of Christ is another example of disrespect in worship. It is a “Look at me performance” in disguise as lifting up Jesus.
This blurring of crossing the line allows everything but the vilest of conduct and is accepted by sustainable groups of confessing Christians.
How about baptizing lust and calling it love? No matter how you try to Christianize it - - lust just isn’t love. It may work wonders in the bedroom but won’t sustain a marriage during the difficult times of stress. Desire for ones mate is a must for a happy marriage, and is a long term proposition, for it isn’t only for sexual intimacy and home cooked meals.  

So what is your preference; how about some Rose of Sharon postcards or a 1Timothy 4:12 tote bag, and don’t forget the “Seek his will” mouse pad.
"Your word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You" (Psalm 119:11). "Let not mercy and truth forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart, and so find favor and high esteem in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:3-6).
I must confess you will find some plaques on my walls with verses on them but if I didn’t have them in my heart they would only be an irritant not a blessing.
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Friday, July 4, 2014


Like a Dove

When I was first received Jesus and was "saved" and began to attend church - - I heard those words often when someone was trying to explain what it was like to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.
It's Better Felt than Telt !!

While there are an abundance of scriptures that describe the event in those who received the Holy Spirit in like manner but for some it was far simpler to express it that way.

In addition to Salvation, there is another experience that we can partake of and that is well described by the song “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.”

When the saints of God gather in the name of Jesus and worship God in the Spirit there is a sweetness that can be experienced.

This sweetness gives renewed life to those who are down trodden and new hope to all in that presence.

There is no greater experience after salvation than to enjoy the sweet fellowship of God with the Holy Spirit in worship.

It is up to us to find that place where we oft-times sense and enjoy the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.  

There’s Honey in the Rock for You !

Have you tasted that the Lord is gracious?
Do you walk in the way that's new?
Have you drank from the living fountain?
There is honey in the Rock for you