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Monday, January 12, 2015


This is not a true story - -
But It certainly could be true to some families.

Un-Wiser - Non Wiser - Bud wiser

“Daddy, Daddy give me a drink of that stuff you’re drinking.”

“Naw son this stuff is too hard for you but get a bottle of beer out of the fridge that is your speed.”

“Okay, Daddy this is good stuff.”

“Yeah son you can drink that stuff all night and still not get drunk.”

“When can I have some of the hard stuff daddy?”

“Well now son, let me tell you something and don’t you ever forget it. Stick to the beer and you will never go down the road I’m on.”

“This hard stuff had lost its punch and I have to drink a jug full of it to get any kind of a buzz now-a-days.”

“Maybe you’re right Daddy I’ll stick to beer and not go ape over the hard stuff.”

That was many years ago and Daddy is gone where the hard drinkers go but the preacher said some nice thing about him at his funeral.

As for me I have stayed the course and stuck with the Bud, you know the “wiser.”

As far as I can tell it hasn’t affected me like the Jim Daniels did to dad.

I tell my kids to lay off the stuff but I think they do a few cans a week behind my back.

I used to get by with a six-pack each night but am now up to a twelve-er.

My supplier suggested I buy several cases at a time and he could have the delivery truck just drop them off at my house so that is what I do now.  I have done this for twenty-five years now.

My wife and kids are gone.
She claims I beat her up several times but I can’t remember doing it. It isn’t like I was on the hard stuff. After all “It’s only beer.”

I have been downing a couple big cans before work for I can run those machines with my eyes closed.  It wasn’t my fault the main line machine broke down. Even so the boss misread the whole thing and fired me.

He said my drinking was interfering with my work. I tried to explain its only beer. He said I had earned a pension and he wouldn’t contest me getting it. He talked like that pension was going to keep me. That isn’t hardly enough to pay my beer bill.

Another thing, now the wife is asking for child support and I don’t have it because I have to pay my beer bill or be cut off.  Things don’t look good for the future…

For food I play the mission circuit and get a bed there on occasion. They are trying to take my pension now for child support and if I don’t sign it over to her I go to jail.  If that happens I would lose the three friends I have left… Bud-wiser, Non-wiser, and Un-wiser.  

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  1. Sad that this is true for some. We all grow up thinking the home we grow up in is "normal" and don't consider the possibility that there might be a better way. Linked up behind you at Tell Me a Story.

  2. And, as a kid, I was raised significantly with beer in our house. My parents were fighting many times...and as the oldest of the kids, and babysitting when I was 7, I became a fighter to and for my sisters and between my parents. I can't say I didn't get into beer in my teens. I did. And the sinfulness that became connected to it ... particularly in Seattle and Tacoma... was bringing me to violence or suicide. AND the Lord broke through. Can't say I've never had any beer in these 49 years since the Lord broke in, but been very careful!!! Anyhow, your sharing grabbed me again. [Oh, and my mom came to the Lord when she was 80 after 60 years of alcoholism. She's been in heaven when she was 90-1/2. I'm sure she's a happy lady now! My dad had come to the Lord, too, when he was 59 and died in '84 at 65. Even though they were fighting for years and years, they may be goooood God-friends now. That's what I hope to see when I'm there!] ;-)