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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Minimum Wage

I won't be able to afford the fast food restaurant
Soon to be: 15.00 dollars minimum wage an hour nationwide and workers unionized.
This will be phased in by increments so as to make it seem like it is a minor increase.  Of course this is only the beginning with additional increases spurred by each new union demand.  Reminds one of the old theory to only cut off the dog’s tail off an inch at a time so it won’t hurt so much.

$60.00 dollars an evening for babysitting seems reasonable for an evening out. Of course you could pay less and go to jail for breaking the law. Once this is on the books there will be no going back.

Fixed income retires will have to suck it up and learn to do without. They no longer will be able to hire someone to do the menial task they can’t do for themselves. The poor and homeless will not be able to survive on gathering cans and bottles to sustain themselves, and will be singing the number one song hit (Woe is me).

Every employed worker will have to have an increase in wages to cover the forty percent increase in minimum wage. As wages spiral, the government will be the biggest winners with more tax monies in the coffers.  

More great ideas are on the way like assisted suicide for all seniors needing medical care to solve the short coming in the social security/Medicare dilemma.


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