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Monday, September 15, 2014


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God's Word is Alive !!

What makes the Bible different from other books is the very nature of the words themselves.  

While the printed page can inform, enlighten, and inspire the reader, the Bible goes one important step further and that is; it is a revelation of the mind and purpose of GOD. It unfolds the reason and need for salvation. It explains the relationship of GOD, man and other spiritual beings.  

Some read the scriptures like a news paper and are not moved to repentance while others view it as the very word of GOD.
A minister I knew related a story that another pastor had introduced him to a man that had memorized the entire Bible. The minister said; that is amazing whereupon the pastor said; that isn't the most incredible part, the most amazing part is, he isn't a Christian.
W.G. Scroggie said; “There is no easy way to knowledge and he who would know the scriptures must bring to them not only a hungry heart but also an attentive mind.”  

The attentive mind will be enlightened by the scriptures and the hungry heart will receive the truth of them and they will transform the seeker from a sinful condition to one who is redeemed.  

Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Apostle Paul).  

If the Christian is not careful the Bible will become abstract excluding the merits of the truth therein.  

I discovered a new revelation of how read the scriptures. This involves recognizing that the writers themselves are; human beings with the same frailty as I have; 

James 6:17 Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are.  

James included both himself and his readers in this condition. They fought the same battles of relationships, raising families, earning a living and the daily struggles. They had to rise above all these things and allow the Spiritual anointing and inspiration to direct their mind to put words on paper while moved upon by the Holy Spirit.
They wrote what GOD wanted their readers to know.  

Further I keep in mind that the writers are brothers in the LORD and when I read their letter to me it is like they themselves are instructing me in the ways of righteousness and they must not be taken lightly.  

Paul wrote that GOD had placed the responsibility of all the churches upon him and his words to the churches of correction were a constant burden.  

They were like his children, needing to be encouraging and correcting, and like most parents, discipline was never enjoyable but necessary. Behind his words was a heart that ached for the successful conduct of all the churches.  

I keep in mind as I read the battles they were experiencing, their lives being in danger at all times from the Roman rulers. Many walked, talked, and lived with Jesus at a human level while learning spiritual truths they could only understand later.  

As the writers communicate their hearts burden to me, their words, and GOD’S word take on deeper meanings, and as I read, it becomes to me a new revelation.      

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Reading God's Word and Listening to what HE says !


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