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Monday, August 4, 2014


Unwanted - Not Loved

I don't know why I wasn't loved.
I don't think I was a bad person.
I would give anything to know why...

My mother couldn't love me
Perhaps I was an inconvenience
Or demanded too much of her

My father said; get rid if "It," the "It" was me
My life was too short, only three months I was doing fine
But one day someone hurt me, a moment later I was gone

I tried to cry out but my voice couldn't be heard
All I really know is, I died from the lack of love

I wasn't loved from the time I was conceived nor while I lived
And not even a decent funeral when I lost my life
All that remains of me is a bad memory, an "It" that wasn't loved

Now there is no picture of me to be hung on the wall
It was as if I never existed at all


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