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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Required or Else!
It was on the eve of the 24th of December. Christmas Eve for those who can remember the past. It took many years to gain this great victory starting back before Robert Ingersoll. Ingersoll the great orator who could put down any who considered themselves to be what was then called a Christian.

Of course that was before we atheists won victory over these publishers of fiction. Now there is a great punishment for even reading about the past and including the name Yahweh or the name of Jesus Christ within that study.

I can’t remember when I have heard the name of God used even as a curse word. There has been total eradication of any thoughts of a divine creator. No thoughts of Christianity occurring in any minds.

Those were happy days until the void was filled with a violent religious group that took over and established their own belief system with their own laws under which no unbelievers were allowed to live. Whereas I once was allowed to be an atheist now I am required to believe in a God that someone invented.

Off with their Heads!
If I refused to convert I would now be dead for that is the law. You either believe or are dead.

While I still don’t want there to be a Christmas Eve I do wish there was one for that would mean there were Christians who would act as a bumper between us unbelievers and the Irrationals that now control us.
We should never have fought Christianity and brought them to the weaken position where they were destroyed as a faith by the Irrationals.

If I was allowed to think I would remember when there was a Christmas Eve instead of the new calendar which only refers that day as one of the days of the year, as another day on which I must attend the place of worship of the made up Deity. Our shout of victory over Christianity was short lived and no longer do we curse Christianity.

Written by a Former Atheist which dares not to speak ill of the new required religion like he did of Christianity.


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