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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Massacre of the Innocents

PP says they don't want to waste the Baby's Body Parts

I stand ninety eight percent against abortion. Not one hundred percent for there are cases where common sense should prevail.
It grieves my spirit to be forced to pay Planned Parenthood for what I consider to an act of brutality by people without conscience or compassion.
One has to go back to world war two to find women committing mass murder with such savagery. The Bitch of Buchenwald, Ilse Koch started a sisterhood of sadistic behavior which is carried on today under the guise of aiding research.
Let’s examine Ilse’s "Ends justifies the means."  She carefully selected Jews with tattoos to make her lampshades, book covers and gloves. The argument was she found a use for the skin and didn’t let it go to waste.  
Not only are the bestial abortionists enriching themselves through their vile murderous so called procedures but they have almost all of the Democratic party supporting them to the tune of a half billion dollars a year. The old media expression; “Murder Incorporated“ finds new meaning in the Congressional halls of infamy.  
Several members of Congress from California voted to continue this slaughter namely the two women senators and present minority house leader Nancy Pelosi.
Most of the Democrats in the house also voted against cutting off the half billion dollars free funds for the slaughter house.
This brings us one step closer to the "Soylent Green" Era. 

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