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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Old are a Problem ?

Here Today - Gone Tomorrow

When Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, hurrah! So went the song during WW1.

Then comes WW2 and again we waited for the troops to come home. When they did; couples were married, kids were born, and the G.I. Bill educated many thousands.

The result of this according to Rand Paul is too many old people living off of too few young people today.

This is not a problem for the U.S. alone. China has seen the light where the limit of one child per family has put them in the same situation of too many old living off of the young.

The politicians' conundrum is how do we change the culture to where we can get rid of all the old people (except us) and still save face?

While they put the mask on their face of concern, for the older generation the truth is it is an annoyance they wish would go away.

The best solution seems to be to exterminate them in some acceptable fashion.

With all the denials aside the first step is assisted death. It isn't suicide it is murder incorporated.

Today it is by choice of the soon to be departed. Tomorrow it will be choice by the amply rewarded physician who is appointed by the government to do the dirty deeds much like the executioners in the prisons.

All that is lacking is a change in perception of what the life span should be.

Of course it will have to be made legal and the Living Constitution will provide the legal means for doing so.

When over the years the P R has done it's job (much like assisted suicide movement has done) this will be acceptable to a hard pressed younger generation.

For YOU - - It will be here today and gone tomorrow.



  1. What a thought ! But sadly already in motion. Thanks Robert for sharing at Tell me a Story.

  2. Well, I was born between the end of WWII in Europe and Japan. I was born in July, '45. MUCH of the info and the needs even after that, especially when I was a very young kid, had my parents hitting the road from the Tacoma/Portland area to California to do some special working pieces. Anyhow, much happened in our nation and around the world and I've still been seeing and reading and focusing on the Lord's manner of protecting and turning more and more to Himself. I've read MUCH in the past re: WWI and WWII. It was a heart grabber by many like me that ain't young. Trust the Lord for the consequences. Miracle that I was born, actually, BTW.