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Thursday, May 15, 2014


This is an issue where most mothers are in denial for they don't want to believe their sons could lie even when they know that they do.

Girls fall into this category also for they want to believe boys don't lie because then they must squelch their driven need for romance and pretty words.

Lying by boys is greatly increased in the teens and perfected in the twenties for it is there they fully understand the power of words and how to get what they want by using them.

There are few if any teen boys who understand the words "I love you," this is in part to the fact that their Libido comes into full swing.

This new force in their lives is something they don't understand and have little desire to control but rather they wish to express it in many ways.
At this time they are venerable to suggestion and can be led into that which is unnatural in GOD'S sight.  They can be given a false identity from which they may never recover. 
Satan himself is the author and finisher of this pseudo faith and convinces the subject that this is their norm.
It becomes a sign of manhood when lying turns into a power over girls and uses their natural desire for love to control them. The desire for girls to hear the words" I love you,” is overwhelming and it can only be repressed and sublimated to a standard of righteousness that is built into the girl's sub consciousness by Biblical principles.

Biological instincts were built into mankind by GOD for the needs of His creatures and are at the root of the family unit where real love can be nurtured.
The family unit is highest form of humanity and was created and blessed by the providence GOD.

But getting back to the proposition that all boys are liars I offer the testimony of all teen age girls who have had their hearts broken (temporally) by some teen boy.  
And as for the men, well they are just boys grown up and only tell the truth when necessary.

Some answers to the question by a girl in China, as she was asked, “Why are all boys liars?” were interesting; - - 

Well, it's just because most girls like liars, and most girls don't like truthful guys. It's all about a game.  It is because all girls can't stand the truth.  God gives each one of us one heart, but he gives boys two heads!

It's kinda cute to watch young boys make some beautiful vows with their tongues tangling and their eyes distracting!
And lastly; all human beings are liars; more men are liars because women are always in need of illusions, so it's just a way to meet their demands. 




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