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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Our immediate question to answer is, “What is the Principled Life?”

Life implies some living is going on!  It also implies some one is doing the living.  For our purpose, let us say it is me doing the living!

Principles are guide lines for the way I live my life.  The source from which the principles are derived is most important.  They may be God centered or man centered.  If they are man centered, they will be conditioned.  The effort is made to expunge our guilt nature because we have a sin nature.  The Hope is, if we can balance our Good and Bad deeds, tipping the scale in favor to the good side, then we are alright. 
This should be acceptable to me and make me feel good about myself. This principle allows me to feel better if I have much more good than bad.  A person who is wrong in both heart and head could still appear to be good using this principle.  It could take on the appearance of being Spiritual.

Being man centered starts with man, continues with man and ends with man.  In today’s world, it is most acceptable.  Many times it appears to be better than being God centered.  The reasons for this are; it is more liberal.  The old rule, “I’m OK You’re OK” applies!

When standards are violated, blame is automatically shifted from the offender to society if at all possible. When this is not viable, then prescribed penalties are minimized almost out of existence.  This makes us feel good.  If we enforce the rules, then we feel bad about our self, and this penalizes us, so we do what is necessary to feel good. 
Man centeredness is extremely politically controlled.  Scholastically control and economically controlled. 
These are the Big Three, all other controls are a by product of these.  They use many tools such as Raw power (conform or else).  Media; here we are told what to think and believe.  Ridiculed, unless you conform to the Spirit of the World you are unacceptable.  The Plan of man centeredness is to allow no one to escape its power!

When anyone would suggest that the force behind this is Spiritual, the Master Mind Satan himself, they are ridiculed and attacked viciously.  All the tools are brought into play.

So what do we do?  It seems to be easier to just conform, join the crowd and become of the number. Or do we realize there is a better way, not an easier way, at least on the surface!

There is a different way.  It is called  “The New and Living Way.”  It is always new.  New every day, although it is always the same way.  It is the God centered way or the God principled life.

In it God is held as being most important.  His wishes are our command.  His goals are our highest purpose.

To conform my life to a God Principled life, I must find the starting place which is with God Himself.  Everything I am or do is a product of Faith in something

So to start building a God principled life, I start with the revelation of God.  The Bible contains all I need to know!  In it there is an explanation of who God is, what he does, why he does it.  Of man’s relationship with Him.  The problems that need to be overcome.  In other words; God’s remedy for man’s dilemma.

“God IS,” is another way of saying “I AM”.  While “I AM” speaks of the totality of God, “God is” also includes the access and availability of God to man!  This is why I can say, I AM, because “God is”.  (If God wasn’t, I wouldn’t be)  So I am because “He is.”

Because He is  “The Great I AM” everything is of Him.  Everyone is debtor to Him.  I have a debt that I owed, which I could not pay.  Only God could pay my debt.  This he did in Christ Jesus!  God wrote across my debt; “Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb”  By this act, God freed me from all that held me in Bondage of every kind and loudly proclaimed; This is the way, walk ye in it.”

The God Principled way – my God centered life, starts each day with the knowledge that he is worthy of satisfaction with my life this day.  My goal is to always do those things which are pleasing to him, this day!

I study His principles that are to govern my life.  Neither individuals or groups or experiences can detour me from this purpose.


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