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Monday, October 20, 2014


Only a Housewife
She is only a house wife, living in the world of might have been - - 

She has to compete with working girls who spend much of their time with men.

They spend their money to become… Say on desirability?

Then try to steal away what’s left of the homebody’s bedtime charm…
Her man spends all the clothing money on himself for he must look good at all times.

She’s only a house wife who fears someone will recognize her dress is one they donated to the thrift store. (It is all she can afford.)

She does her hair as best she can with a brush and a can… Of hair spray.

While others party she doesn’t ever get away… Cause she’s only a house wife. 

When her husband brings a friend home who in private comes over and suggests the no tell, motel on the morrow.

She tells her husband, not interested, he Poo Poos her, thinking no way… She’s only a house wife. 

He says to the friend she thought you were kidding;, ha, ha, ha… Oh no, no I just said…

I wanted her to feel better about herself but you know…

I don’t want to put her down but after all she is only a housewife.

You know I would never… Oh yes, I know and I apologize for her wild imagination, 

There was a time she could hold her own with any of the self-style beauties.

But now she hasn’t the means to compete. She still has as much or more to offer but alas it is all about the wrappings not the prize inside

Day by day she hopes the truth will set her free and her man will realize that he has is better than what he daily sees . . .

Joy to the man who knows she isn’t just a house wife and hasn’t forgotten the words that transformed her into the girl of his dreams;
“I love you, only you and no other will do, till death do us part.”

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