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Friday, February 21, 2014


I'm Not Getting Mine !!
Those words still echo in my mind after fifty years.

A man told me this; “You are getting yours, she is getting hers, but I’m not getting mine.”

I didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about.  He went on to explain more fully to explain what he was talking about.

For a little background let me say he had recently became a Christian and somehow he got the idea that “everything” would be palatable if not perfect after accepting Christ as Savior.

He decided that I should be his mentor/problem solver.  Every time he saw me he would bring his list of things that needed fixing and lay them on me.

I kept him buoyed up the best I could until it came to an affair of the heart.

He decided a certain woman should be his wife or girl friend.  His theory was being a Christian should guarantee that would come to pass.

I tried to explain that being a Christian didn’t promise him a rose garden experience but he persisted in that line of thinking.

He felt because of Galatians 6:2  “Take on yourselves one another's troubles, and so keep the law of Christ,” I should agree with him and “hook him up” so to speak.

I tried to show him Galatians 6:5 "For every one shall bear his own burden," and it wasn’t up to me to solve his love life.  I did tell him that as far as I could see the lady in question had absolutely no interest in him and God wasn’t going to force her against her will to accept him as a lover.

This wasn’t acceptable to him and his prayers weren’t answered to his pleasure. After I wouldn’t agree with his assessment of how Christianity should work he dropped me as his mentor.

Of course he “Didn’t get his,” in this matter for the lady had another friend she was interested in.

Some Christians need a personality adjustment; this man needed a personality transplant as far as I could tell.  He was borderline weird and the church has abundance such cases.

Some come seeking help, all are needing help and while they are a work in progress the world outside wrongly judges the very essence of Christianity as being less that it is.  It decries the true nature of Christ and judges it by its weakest link.

Christianity is a call to righteousness.  First God gives to man right standing before God, and then follows walking uprightly before the world.

Therein lays every man’s struggle where some are more successful than others.  Before one says” I’m not getting mine,” they should be sure what theirs is.

Prayer is the means to an end but it isn’t magic. 
There isn’t any hocus pocus in Christ.


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