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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The question for today is; “Should the military be unionized?”

Many say no, they are just “cannon fodder.”  All the rights they deserve are to be used and abuse for they are sub-humans.

Some would say, ‘That’s not what I believe for I honor them when they are brought back in a box.”

They have no standing except to be sent to their death by some nut case in the White House for indefensible reasons.

Case in point is Afghanistan.  Read the News paper tomorrow and see if some expendable went to his death.

Who is worthy of being unionized?  Most all of the government workers except the military.

The teachers, firemen, policemen, and virtually everyone else.

Yes but you say; the police put their lives on the line and the firemen face dangers to the point of being injured on the job.

That being said we think everyone is better than the men and women in the service and they shouldn’t have any representation.

Why shouldn’t they have someone to represent them when they are told to go and die for some idiot’s nonsensical idea?

The reason is obvious.  If they had a right to choose whether to die or not the big shots in Washington couldn’t screw them over like they are doing as I write.

Let these bold leaders lead from the front instead from a bunker in Washington.  They are so easily replaced


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