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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Girls go through several stages and some sub-stages while growing up. They go from the darling stage, where they walk in forgiveness, to the rebellious stage. 

They start, low level and accelerate until they have reached the perfected rebellion stage.  After a time, rebellion wears thin and it becomes necessary to move on to the next stage and that is, “The blame game.”

Here they find targets galore.  Of course the parents hold the number one position but siblings and friends are not neglected in this pursuit. 

After this stage there are many ways to go but one of the most popular is the, “Get even,” for all the wrong I have been recipient of.  It’s time to do the opposite of what they have been instructed to do or not do. 

Well lordly, lordly here comes the average boy friend that is able and willing to help out, especially in the area of chastity.  He is the expert instructor and the girl is so grateful.  She has reached the, “Give and take stage.” 

What she is about to find out is; she does the giving and he does the taking. Shortly, his conquest loses it shine, and being afflicted with the Blueberry Hill syndrome, he must move on to help some other damsel in distress.

Though our damsel has entered the bitterness stage, it is alleviated by boyfriend number 2 and the process is repeated until she has the blinders removed and she realizes that there is only one stage left, and that is the real world. 

This is where she has to put behind her the stages of growing up and shed that old skin for a new skin of maturity and get ready for real life.

Can she skip some of these forgoing unnecessary steps? Absolutely, but then she would have to be “Smarter” than the average girl.

Well what about the boys?

Boys are experts and their modus operandi is to forget the past, forgive themselves and move on to Blueberry Hill where they find their next thrill.


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