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Monday, January 6, 2014


Hubby and Wife
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Most men know their mother wasn’t perfect but because she put up with all their foolishness they revered her.

One thing they want in a wife is perfection and they are sure they will find her.

The way it is suppose to work is all parties are to remain celibate until marriage but for many that didn’t work.

Even with that gaffe they still dream on.  Miss perfect is out there and I will find her. When it seems that everything is right and she must be the one passion numbs the brain and the biological urges drive you on.

Then sometime as early as the honeymoon the blinders come off and what I have and what I thought I had are two different things (this works both ways).

At that point the goal is to be able to live with her flaws if I possibly can.

Yes it seems that, “honey-bun has turned out to be stinky-poo.”

While she is thinking, “What did I ever see in him?” he fails to amuse, really!

While the man thinks, “Is this what GOD had in mind when he created woman?”

She reads him and boldly remarks, “Well! Eve wasn’t perfect you know, how could she be for she was taken from a man.”

But Women on the other hand can see men’s flaws as soon as they meet them. Sometimes before they meet them for their mother has imparted Clairsentience knowledge concerning men to them but then they doubt their inside information and take the plunge anyway.

Then there are those who are heathen who walk in fear and can’t find a woman who is fit for a wife so they (using a common term) shack up with them.  It is meant to be a temporary arraignment so they can take a hike anytime they want to.  
During the process many times they have dumpster kids that they dump by moving on and looking for another imperfect specimen for another temporary situation.

Only those of like kind will take up with them and live with them while judging their own self worth to be nigh unto zero.

Do I infer there are no successful marriages?  

It depends on with what measure you mete.  Shall we grade from the bottom to the top?  From lousy to great?

With all that having been said and you have been exposed to the trials of matrimony and you realize that marriage is like unto a job.  It must be worked at and solutions sought for each and every problem.  It’s not perfection but a perfecting process we continually experience.

On occasion it may be necessary to “Bring back that loving feeling” for life is a trial where we are constantly be put upon, in many cases without cause.

Marriage requires an overcoming life on the part each of the participants.  So what is your desire is it to be “Happy trails” or “Hit the road Jack”.


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