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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Mom's sweet darlings
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T'was the night before Sunday and all through the house the kids were screaming and running their mouth.  

The overwhelming thought came over me "I'm not going to be fit to go to the house of the Lord tomorrow."

After I forcefully got the brats to bed and threatened them with violence if they didn't put away all that electronic junk we had been coerced into buying them I flopped into my chair and took a deep breath.

As I sat there I fumed for I was "mad as heck" about how the day had gone.

The breakfast burned, kids late for a school outing, a husband that can't do anything for himself just to get my day off to a "good" start.

I had been overcharged at the grocery store and I was sure she did it on purpose.  The washer overflowed and I had to turn the phone off which took from me my greatest pleasure which is negatively referred to as gossip.

At last I was as alone as I ever get.  The husband had had his fill of T.V. and went to bed; and scriptures I knew began to come to mind.  Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.  Why is it that this scripture is first in line when I need something like "Husbands love your wives."

Then there is that one about “Children are the heritage of the Lord.”  As I try to fight of the notion of that bunch are the sources of my misery, exhaustion takes over and calms me down.  Just before retiring to bed I decided to check my Email for the day was too full for me to do so.

Though I didn't say it I thought, “Damn this spam, I must have thirty messages I don't want.”  After deleting all the spam I had one message left. It was from a friend who was in the same circumstance as I with all my responsibilities.

After crying on my shoulder for awhile she said she found a webpage that helped her get ready for church especially on Saturday night.  If she waited to get ready on Sunday morning it was too late.

This Saturday night preparation kept the Sunday crisis under control and she could get something out of the service instead of having a knot in her stomach.
She then put the URL at the bottom of the page. As I argued that this wouldn't help my situation but I checked it out. While it didn't solve all my problems it put my feet on the path to overcoming the things that make my life miserable.

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